Adding new DC to existing domain

We had our Domain controller crash a few days ago, leaving a network without DC and two other servers that are basically just for data. We plan on adding a new DC to the exisiting network, setting everything up from scratch but utilizing the same domain details as before. The two other servers are running server 2000, the new DC will be server 2003. I would appreciate any advice on how best to go about this install, it will be my first time attempting this. Hope this makes sense.
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No backups of the DC that crashed? First of all, I know it's after the fact, but no Windows network, regardless of how small should ever have less that 2 DC's, because if only one crashes, you can just build a new one and then use FRS to get it up and running (even the PDC can be forced to transfer.) Even if it's just a cheap little machine that provides redundancy DC/DNS only. Just my opinion.

If no backups and you are truly building it from scratch, it' pretty simple, build the server. Promote it do a DC via the Configure Your Server menu that pops up once you install Server 2003. It will need to be DNS for sure. How are you doing DHCP? How big is your network (machines, subnets.) OS of the PC's.

You will need to move each PC into a workgroup (unless they are pre-2000),  and then join them anew into the new domain. However, every user profile will be re-created even though you may name the domain the same as before (differenti GUID.) Sure you don't have a backup?

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mhannan13Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply. DHCP is managed via router. we have about 25 pcs in the domain with 80% on windows 2000 and the rest XP Pro. No backup available from the old server config.
mhannan13Author Commented:
So what should i do about the other two servers that presently work as file and app servers?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Basically, with no backup, I REALLY hope you didn't set up a bunch of permissions.  Domains are based on uniquely generated Security IDs (SIDs).  You can't just setup a new server with the same name and user accounts and expect it to work - the SIDs will be different.  You can rejoin the existing servers and PCs to the new domain by, as lauren1 said, placing them in a workgroup and then rejoining the domain. But you may end up needing to take ownership of most of your files and reassigning permissions - which depending on how you were setup - could be a VERY time consuming process.

Did you use Exchange? If so, make sure you rebuild the server with the exact same domain name and server name.  You MAY then be able to more easily recover the data.

For a small business, you might want to look into taking this opportunity to install Small Business Server (assuming you don't have it) and then using your existing server as a secondary DC (I don't necessarily agree with the implied urgency of having a second DC, BUT, I do agree, if it's possible you should have one and with 25 PCs, I would consider it a very good idea).  This means getting new hardware with an SBS license - the reason I suggest this is that it includes Exchange Server 2003 and actually costs less than standard server alone.  BUT, that said, you can only have ONE SBS server on the domain.
1. Just reinstall and implie same domain name. Rejoin all machines(w2k) and workstation to the new domain.
2. Beer in mind the user workstations desktop maybe different since under Document and settings the new profile will be created as it stated as a new domain although with the same name.
3.After new w2k3 DC setup. I would highly recommend you use one more w2k as DC as to play safe. Please following MS instruction for forestprep before promot w2k to join exsiting w2k3 Domain.
Good luck
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