Trouble Shooting BGP Outage

On Tue Feb 5th between 7:30AM-10AM Eastern Time, we experienced a situation where the routes that we announce using BGP via two different routers in two different locations suddenly became dampened as seen from one of the public route view routers far from our network.

We have been trying to track down the cause, and have not been able to find anything on our routers and our upstream providers say that we never stopped announcing to them.

My questions, did anyone in the US experience any similar situation on 2/5/08?
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giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is just a WILD guess, but wasn't Feb. 5 one of the dates when there was a cable or two cut over seas?

Now I can't imagine how that would affect BGP announcements for just you, or even just a few US sites.  Of course it may depend where the router is located that stopped seeing the routes.
BladesAwayAuthor Commented:
You are correct that is the day when I think the repairs started.  I've been hoping to find some linkage by whay of others reporting similar issues.   So far the issue has not happened again.  I'm all for "where there's smoke there is fire" but dso far there is nothing to collaborate my suspicions so I'm not willing to hang my hat on that as the root cause.

It would be nice find something.  I hate not being ableto tell my customers something better than "we just don't know."

Thanks for the reply.
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