How to attach my Antenna to my Access point? WG302 and ANT2409

I have an WG302

I also have an ANT2409

The ANT2409 came with an 10ft (3m) cable. The cable had connectors on it but they do not fit the WG302.  The Ant2409 also came with a replacment connector to attach on the bottom.  This connector is the same syze and type as what is on the access point.

I need to know what the name of these connectors are,  so I can try and find a cable to buy to connect the two together.

Links would be nice as well (I hate shopping)

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The Netgear unit should accept a RP-SMA (Reverse Polarity SMA). Not real sure about the antenna lead from reading the description, but it's possibly an RP-N. You should be able to use the link below to find a 2meter pigtail that will work.
I've posted this on the already closed question that started this thread.

Attached a picture of the Netgear cable - it should attach directly to the WG302, and using the converter to the aerial.  If the cable has large connecters, it won't connect - but the Netgear cables should not have the large connector, as they are designed to work with the Netgear kit!

The WG302 requires RP-SMA plug.  My guess is that your cable is N-Male (check on link given by Trev)?  So you would need a converter to go from one to the other.  Or another cable, for example product code CA-RSPNFA002 in the above link (which should plug directly into the WG302 one end, and into the aerial without needing converter the other end).  Do check the links though, as I also am not sure what your existing cable is, though have all the other kit to check against!

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mrchaos101Author Commented:
I started this thread after I closed other.  I figured it progressed into an new issue.
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mrchaos101Author Commented:
So,  I am guessing I need a cable wit ONE big end and ONE small end.
mrchaos101Author Commented:
RP-SMA Plug to RP-N Plug, 195-Series Cable

Is that what I want?  I need a 20ft cable though  2ft aint gonna cut it.
It looks like that is what you'd need, though as you need a new cable (or adapters, which I haven't been able to find) I'd be inclined to go for the Netgear one.

The 10m cable is product code ACC-10314-04.  I did a Google search, and loads of suppliers came up.  All of them were UK though, so no point I think in me posting that link!  The 5m (16ft, so probably a little short) is ACC-10314-03.

The 10m cable of that code is the one I took a picture of - so it is definitely the correct one and will connect to both WG302 (directly) and ANT2409 (with adapter you already have).
mrchaos101Author Commented:
I used the link the other guy posted and called them.

They are "custom" make'n me a 20ft cable.  Gonna cost me about $40 USD  (ouch).

BUT that should make it work I hope.
Well, that's cheaper than the $90 for the 30ft Netgear cable, so that's not too bad!

Incidentally, while you're waiting for the cable you may want to check that the firmware on the WG302 is up-to-date.  Since I have been using them (basically since they were released), Netgear have regularly released updates.  Latest version is 5.2.3, available here:
mrchaos101Author Commented:
I have flashed it.

BUT now there is a new issue.

Let me know if yu thing a new thread is needed.

If I do an speakeasy speed test from the netgear router to my lap top direct connect it is about 7Mb down and 768k Up.

If I connect the  AP and the router, then connect laptop to the router.

Download is like 1mb and up load is like 256k.

Why is it so slow going through that ap?  Doesn't matter if in using wifi or cat5  both have same speed.


How I configured it.... Router SSID is hotspot1  and the AP is hotspot2   This is how it should be correct?    2 diff ssid signals?  Or is there a way to have just 1 signal?
The speed question may be worth another thread - as other people may have suggestions as to what is causing the slowdown.  I haven't come across this before, though I haven't really tested it in that way either.

As for the SSID, yes, you can set both devices to broadcast the same SSID.  If you keep the SSID and security settings the same on both, then a wireless client will connect to whichever is providing the strongest signal.  You would also want to set the router and the AP to broadcast on different channels (e.g. one on channel 1, the other on channel 11).  If you do ever need to add a third AP, that can go on the remaining channel.  

Note that while there are supposedly 11 or more channels, each channel has some overlap (e.g. channel 2 overlaps both 1 and 3), so for best results you need to choose the channels with no overlap.  In practise, this limits use of channels to 1, 6, and 11.
mrchaos101Author Commented:
purple please help me on new thread here...
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