802.1q over DSL Link

I have a client with 2 sites which are connected by a layer 2 2/2 Mb Bridged DSL connection with HP Procurve  Switches at each end we are placing VOIP calls over their network between the sites
I have set up 2 VLans one for the voice network which is tagged with a priority of 6 and 1 for data untagged with a priority of 2.
If I use Wireshark at either end I can see that the VLan tagging is working and being passed from site to site.
The problem that I am having is if we try to do any type of file transfer between the sites call quality suffers QOS via the VLan tagging doesn't seem to be working. I can make 6 or 7 calls and access the internet between sites without a problem but as soon as we try to traaansfer any type of file accross the WAN Link the call quality starts playing up.
I have been told that because the ports on the Procurve swhich are connecting the sites are 100Mb they will need to be restricted to 2Mb because the ISP's equipment in bridged mode cant do any of the prioritizng.
We are using G723.1 (MP-MLQ) as the voice codec
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the botle neck is your dsl, but you can't do any QoS on it.
as you were adviced, you have to configure ports of your switches in the direction to dsl with 2/2 mbps.
in this case queueing will be done on the switch, where you can configure QoS actions (like voice packets - first)
bsjmdataAuthor Commented:
The HP Procurve's they are using are 2810 and will only let me slow the ports down to 10 Mb unless there is someway of changing it from the CLI ?
Any Idea's
dunno in this case.
i suppose, the very first thing to do - configure traffic remarking according to QoS profile (or use existing markings).
suppose you can try to look into dsl manual for qos settings. all you need to do there - correct queueing.

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bsjmdataAuthor Commented:
I have configured 2 Linksys Switches in front of the Procurves which can be configured for the VLans as well as being rate limited down to the 2Mb required this works OK
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