Best practice for Enterprise Library Logging

can someone tell me what the best practices are for enterprise library logging?  namely, where and when to put logging blocks?  thanks.
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Really depends on what mode of logging you want to perform... genrally, logging is performed on the following:

A)  Exception messages
B)  Authentication errors
C) Activity tracing (for a flow that needs to be tracked)

I would sugest reading into the Microsoft.Enterprise.Practice.Logging class library for more detail:

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anarki_jimbelSenior DeveloperCommented:
Some ideas are given in the article about log4net oackage:

and also:

Very good article on Enterprise library with stuff you might be interested in:
mmingfeilamAuthor Commented:
can you inherit from the microsoft logging class so you can add your own customization to the logging?  I am think creating an interface with methods such as LogToXML, LogToDb, etc.  and underneath, the implementation will be done with the class that's inherited from the Enterprise Library class(es).  thanks.
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anarki_jimbelSenior DeveloperCommented:
I believe you can. I just had a look at EventLog class - it's not sealed, so one might inherit from it. Didn't check others.

By the way, log4net can log to xml and DB, if I'm not wrong (I don't deal much with logging)
mmingfeilamAuthor Commented:
do you know what the main differences are between enterprise library and log4net?
mmingfeilamAuthor Commented:
also, assuming it's possible, does anyone know of any concrete examples of how these classes can be inherited?  thanks.
log4net is a 3rd party vendor that essentaily created a "custom" trace listener and added a load of "cool" features to the application for keeping it flexible to where the logging would be performed.

The MS Enterprise Practices logging library essentialy does the same thing... but with more thought put into its abilities... the differences is that MS made this one and it includes a full suite of patterns and methods for making your life easier.

Once the MS Practices library is installed on production you can then utilize all of its methods without haveing to install new vendor tools.
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