Can I have all my printers or printers by group print a footer showing what printer it is coming from?

Got this from a user: "We would like for the printer information to print out at the bottom of every document that is printed at BJHS so we can know where the document is printed from." Is there a universal way to do this. We do run Server 2003 with Active Directory. The simpler the solution the better.
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There is no simple way to add a footer to every document. If you are printing from MS Office, you can headers of footers but they cannot pick up the printer name.

The best way I can think of is to use a "watermark" - if your printer's driver supports it. How flexible the watermark's positioning and formatting is depends on the printer. As it is set in the driver, you can specify the printer's name there, without affecting other printers.

Another way to achieve something similar is to use a separator page. However, this will be printed as a separate page ahead of each print job, which may not be what you require.
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