- Shared Workgroup templates...

You cannot share the file among multiple users in Word...

"Word cannot save changes to the global template because it was opened with read-only access. Do you want to save the changes in a template with a different name?"

This is caused when a NORMAL.DOT is located in the Workgroup templates location. If a Word template with this name exists in this location, Word will open this file first and will not open the users NORMAL.DOT or will not create one if it does not already exist. This is obviously an issue when multiple users open Word or if they dont have write access to the Workgroup templates location. The solution is to ensure that NORMAL.DOT never exists in the Workgroup templates location.


My question is how do I prevent a file from being created in the Workgroup templates location when multiple users have full access and they need to be able to change the templates... seems impossible but when someone creates a it causes the above problems... How do I stop Word/Outlook from looking in the Workgroup templates folder for a ??

Many Thanks to all replies !!!
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sbsupportConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We fixed by just getting rid of our shared Workgroup templates
In word,

Save file locations
make sure that nothing is mapped to the same directory as workgroup templates.
sbsupportAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply but no nothing else is set to the same directory:-

User templates - T:\Templates
Workgroup templates - S:\Templates

If there is a in the Workgroup templates it will use that one and not the User.
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