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What do these C expressions mean?  Don't recognize these operators.

Posted on 2008-02-10
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Last Modified: 2010-04-15
I am trying to learn embedded C for the HCS12 processor.  Come across a few operators I haven't seen before.  What do the symbols in these four expression mean?

PPSAD &= ~0x01;   // pull-up on PAD0
PERAD |=  0x03;   // enable pull-up and pull-down
column>>=1;  //shift into position

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Question by:rem2722
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& is the binary AND operator.
| is the binary OR operator.
>> is the binary right-shift operator.
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ID: 20862983
Oh, and ~ is the binary NOT operator.
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ID: 20862989
And -> is the dereference with member selection operator.
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Accepted Solution

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PPSAD = PPSAD & ~0x01;  // bitwise and of  PPSAD with bitwize complement of 0x01
PERAD = PERAD | 0x03; // bitwise or of PERAD with 0x03
column = colums>>1; // shift column one bit to the right.  equivalent to unsigned division by 2
while((*pt).out)  dereference pt and get .out field
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Or, with a bit more explanation :

1) binary AND : takes the binary AND of two values. For example :

        0xAA & 0x0F == 0x0A

2) binary OR : takes the binary OR of two values. For example :

        0xA0 | 0x0F == 0xAF

3) binary NOT : takes the binary NOT of a value. For example :

        ~0x0000FFFF == 0xFFFF0000

4) binary right shift : shifts the bits in a value a given number of positions to the right. For example :

        0xA0 >> 4 == 0x0A

5) pt->out is the same as (*pt).out   or, dereference pointer to struct pt, and get the member out of that struct.
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Oh well, so I guess what I said wasn't helpfull ...

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