What is the difference?

What is the difference of C# language and .NET language? I am currently looking for programs written in .NET language for a paper and cannot find any. Anyone know the difference and maybe where I can find such applications? That I can try or maybe are already familiar with.
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.Net contains C# and other languages.  C# or VB.Net should serve your purpose.
.Net is actually independent of programming languages.  A .Net-compliant compiler can be written for any language by having it emit the IL (intermediate language) that the .Net framework executes.  You can think of IL as an assembly language for a stack-based virtual .Net CPU.  

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C# is a language.  Net is not a language.  You access the methods and objects in the Net framework which is an interface to the Windows Operating System using a language like C#, C, C++ or VB.
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What is the subject of your paper?

.net is a language where you can develop with multiple languages. In this C# is a part. Suppose if you are familiar with Java technology or coding then you can choose C# language to develop the applications. If you are familiar with VisualBasic then you can choose VB.net language to develop the applications. We can say C# is subset of .Net.

for C# tutorial and development coding samples you can with the following website

C# is a language used to write your programs like VB.
.Net is a framework where in you can use many languages to develop your application.
.Net applications can be developed in VB or C#.
Since .NEt framework itself is being programmed in C#, its most reliable language to be used.

More details check this link

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