Migrating SQL CE to SQL 2005

I need some guidelines/methods to migrate an application that was originally developed as a standalone application using SQL compact edition as database. Should the requirement change for the app to become multiuser, how would I proceed to 'upgrade' the app, settings, code changes, etc. to use either 'proper' SQL 2005 or maybe SQL Express, as applicable to the end user. The CE DB structure and maybe contents will obviously have to move to a file server somewhere that allready has an instance of SQL 2005 or Express installed..
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DhaestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For coding, you'll need to change the connectionstring and all the SqlCeConnection to sqlConnection, ... (all sqlce must be replace by sql)

For you data: create your database. To move your data, perhaps the easiest way is to export your data to a file and reload it in your database.
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