New Case needed for ASUS P5P800-VM Pentium D 2.8 GHz

I'm looking for a new case for my ASUS P5P800-VM Pentium D 2.8 GHz. I am also considering getting a Tuniq Tower 120 or a  ZALMAN CNPS9500 so I would need that case to accomodate those cooling CPU fans.

My main concern is cooling - my present temp is 57C / 134F - and that is when my computer is idle. It's also winter here - so come summer, I'm afraid my computer is going to melt!

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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
The key thing I'd look for if you're replacing the case just for better airflow is 120mm fans and a good path for airflow.

Any micro-ATX or ATX case that you like will work fine.   If you want a relatively small case, the Antec NSK2480 [ ] is an excellent case with very good cooling -> it uses two side-mounted 120mm fans.   I've used its more-expensive cousin (Antec Fusion => essentially the same case with a better paint job, front panel display, & volume control) for a couple of HTPC's I built.

I know you can't buy from Newegg ... not sure if a UK source is better, but here's one just in case: ]

You might also want to defer this purchase until you've replaced your CPU's cooler => you may very well find that your temperature issues simply "go away" once you've done that :-)
ywoolfAuthor Commented:
also - since the mobo is smaller than a regular ATX mobo - I can go to a smaller tower ....?
If 57C while system is in idle, I would check the thermal paste between cpu and heatsink first. you might try replace better fan / cool and reapply thermal paste see if it cool down a bit.

I wont trust any software that monitor the cpu / motherboard temp. Other people will have differ opinions about that. I used to have thermal couples to wire directly to CPU and heatsink, and monitor the temp, there are many differences of temp readings if compared with software.

I think you talk about micro-ATX board here, you can use full or mid size case without any problem. In fact, larger case that helps airflow better.
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Yes, you can use a smaller case since your motherboard is micro ATX. Here's a few, you may not be able to buy them from these sites but you'll know the model to look for
ywoolfAuthor Commented:
I did defer the purchase as now that I have replaced my CPU's cooler, I don't feel like I need to purchase a new case.

Thanks Gary.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
You're most welcome.
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