Samba, file type compatibility

I stored a .chm file on a samba share, when I tried to open the .chm file off the samba share, the file failed to open.
.chm files are opened in the program HTML help.
The windows HTML help window pops up, but the text does not render.  If I copy the same file from the samba share to my local computer which is a windows based machine, the .chm file works fine.

Can anyone inform me which file types will not work under samba. Or can someone help me come up with a fix for this particular problem.
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help-infoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, I have no Samba experience but this issue is Windows related and may have some effects on Samba.

I don't know how to fix with Samba but there is a tool for Windows:

Best regards
Ulrich Kulle
Microsoft MVP - Windows Help
the set of invalid files are often mentioned in the /etc/samba/smb.conf files under the veto files listing.

have you tried to map the share in the samba to a the machine and then try opening the same.  probable causes can also be that you have spaces in the directory name and other things.  do you have access to the log files on the samba server?
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