Handling null dates

I 'm having a rough time handling null dates.  I'm pulling data via odbc with a Script Component.  I keep getting a Specified Cast is not valid everytime it comes
across a date in the source database that's null. For example, I have a quote table with ClosedDate. If the quote is not closed, this field is null.
I've tried using IsDBNull, and IsDate in an if statement to catch it and set it to 01/01/1900 if the date was null, but it seems to ignore them.  
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Can you do this within the select?

select isNull(ClosedDate,'01/01/1900') as ClosedDate

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ChadMarshAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.
The database I'm pulling the data from is a Progress database that only supports SQL-89 so unfortunately, isnull and even ifnull is not an option
ChadMarshAuthor Commented:
I found a way around it. Instead of pulling the data in as a Reader, pull it in as a Dataset which then using ISDbNull actually works.
I have to put an if statement on just about every field but it works. So for the dates I use
If IsDBNull(OHedRow.Item(10)) Then
                    .OrderDate = Convert.ToDateTime("01/01/1900")
                    .OrderDate = OHedRow.Item(10)
                End If
Then I have a clean up procedure once it get into MSSQL that sets all the 01/01/1900 dates back to null
Kind of a round about way, but it works.
Thanks for you response. You seem to be the only what that wanted to respond.
ChadMarshAuthor Commented:
I meant to give you the points..
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