Unable to see New Mail in Inbox List

When Outlook downloads a message it goes to the inbox without problem.  However,  if I am viewing the inbox as the download occurs then I do not see a new line for the new email appear.  If I navigate to another folder, then return to the inbox the new mail is listed.

Is there a setting to cause new mail to appear in the inbox list even if I am viewing the inbox as it arrives?
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Are you using Outlook Web Access, or the Actual Outlook Program? I have seen the symptoms you have described in OWA with Exchange 2003, as far as I am aware there is no fix. I do know that the problem has been fixed with Exchange 2007.
SawanwitthiAuthor Commented:
I'm using the actual Outlook program.  I had Busisness Contact Manager with it, but I have uninstalled that part of it.  Another detail concerning this problem is that the "new mail" icon in the taskbar no longer shows up either.
Are you using Windows XP SP2? If so you may want to read this...
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SawanwitthiAuthor Commented:
Hope you are still there!  Thank you for the Microsoft Knowledge Base lead.  I use Norton firewall, not Windows, so I talked to Norton support.  They advised removing NIS and installing the most current version, which I did.  The problem remained.  So I played around with various combinations of the firewall off, intrusion protection off.  The result is:  No consistency whatsoever!!  Sometimes the new mail shows up, sometimes with the sound, sometimes without the sound, sometimes it doesn't show up at all!  Then I thought of the SafeEyes I have running.  I played around with this added variable too, uninstalling, etc..  Still the result was no consistency!  The problem shows up one time, not the next with no configuration changes.  But I do think the issue is related to what Microsoft says re UDP packets that are dropped by the firewall. I disabled Norton and turned on the Windows firewall.   Here is a sample log of the firewall activity:

2008-02-11 22:51:53 DROP UDP 520 520 72 - - - - - - - RECEIVE
2008-02-11 22:52:17 OPEN TCP 1399 25 - - - - - - - - -
2008-02-11 22:52:21 CLOSE TCP 1399 25 - - - - - - - - -
2008-02-11 22:52:21 DROP TCP 25 1399 40 FA 1759700910 3478320315 17424 - - - RECEIVE
2008-02-11 22:52:23 DROP UDP 520 520 72 - - - - - - - RECEIVE
2008-02-11 22:52:39 OPEN TCP 1401 110 - - - - - - - - -
2008-02-11 22:52:56 CLOSE TCP 1401 110 - - - - - - - - -
2008-02-11 22:52:53 DROP UDP 520 520 72 - - - - - - - RECEIVE
2008-02-11 22:53:23 DROP UDP 520 520 72 - - - - - - - RECEIVE
2008-02-11 22:53:37 OPEN TCP 1403 25 - - - - - - - - -
2008-02-11 22:53:40 CLOSE TCP 1403 25 - - - - - - - - -
2008-02-11 22:53:40 DROP TCP 25 1403 40 FA 1414193860 1641993980 17424 - - - RECEIVE
2008-02-11 22:53:53 DROP UDP 520 520 72 - - - - - - - RECEIVE
2008-02-11 22:54:03 OPEN TCP 1405 110 - - - - - - - - -
2008-02-11 22:54:23 DROP UDP 520 520 72 - - - - - - - RECEIVE
2008-02-11 22:54:25 CLOSE TCP 1405 110 - - - - - - - - -
2008-02-11 22:54:26 OPEN TCP 1407 110 - - - - - - - - -
2008-02-11 22:54:53 DROP UDP 520 520 72 - - - - - - - RECEIVE

I tried to do Microsoft's workaround, but I'm stuck.  It refers to the following registry entry, but I can't find it.  Specifically, I can't find the last bit, namely, \RPC Key: Fixed UDPPort.  Am I supposed to add this?  Can you help me on this workaround?  As far as I understand, in Outlook 2007 I just need to make sure Outlook is an exception on the firewall settings, not add anything to the registry.  Outlook is already on the exceptions list and the problem remains.  I'm blurry!

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12w.0\Outlook\RPC Key: FixedUDPPort
As long as you have allowed Outlook.exe to the firewall exception list you do not need to edit any registry entries (because you use outlook 2007). Don't forget to reboot to make the changes take effect! You may want to make sure that you do not have any other firewall programs running as well.
FYI if you are looking for a better Anti-virus solution you may want to look at http://www.eset.com.
SawanwitthiAuthor Commented:
I rebooted and it may have been the key.  Thanks for that reminder!  However, the symptom has been sporadic and hard to duplicate, so I think I'll need to keep hoping it doesn't come back to haunt me!  My opinion of Norton has turned a shade grayer after this.  I will probably stick with it, but keep the firewall disabled and rely on Windows.  Is that sufficient?  What about monitoring outbound traffic?  Any answers on how to get Norton firewall to allow UDP packets?

You've been a great help.  How do I make sure you get the points?  This is my first time here.
Hi Sawanwitthi, It depends on your personal security preferences. Generally, the windows firewall is sufficient. Unfortunately I dont have any information on Norton firewall settings for you:(
As far as assigning points, I dont know! I have only ever answered questions!..lol. I would assume there is some sort of problem solved button, after which you can assign points.

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SawanwitthiAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  Its been great to know someone is aware of this issue, and that you had helpful directions!
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