undo the delete sql in MS Server

I accidentally execute a sql and delete some rows of records !
is there any method that can restore the rows of records ?? it is very urgent !!
Thanks !
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William ElliottSr Tech GuruCommented:
this is why you test in a 'test' environment or backup first.

If you don´t have a transaction scope defined around the command:
ROLLBACK --THis does a rollback
...you can´t. You will need to restore your data from a backup.

Two options:

1) Use a third-party tool that is able to read the transaction log
and construct undo batches from it. Two such products are
Lumigent Log Explorer and Log PI.

2) a) Make a note of when the fatal error occurred. b) Backup the
transaction log. c) Restore the last full backup with norecovery.
d) Apply transaction log dumps with a STOPAT just before the
fatal DELETE was done.
William ElliottSr Tech GuruCommented:

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yes, there is, it will depend on how your backups are being done though...

Check your maintenance plans and see if any regular backups are scheduled.
Then load the backup into another DB and recover the rows on the relative table.

Your transaction logs, may have a clue, but I doubt it would be of any help since the row updates could have occurred anytime in the past...
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Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Hello mmccy,
u need to use third party tools like Lumigent Log explorer or Red-gate log rescue

Aneesh R
It could be very simple if you know for certain that all the deleted rows are in your last backup.
- restore backup with other name
- test if you can find the exact missing records   between both production and restored db
  select ..... where not exists ....
- do the 'row-recovery'
insert into .... select ..... where not exists ....
when a Identity-column you will need the 'set identity_insert  tablename ON'

Don't forget to check if any cascading delete may have deleted rows in depending tables
Both suggestions are good
- But the 'verry urgent' part off the question could be a problem with the third party tools.
- restore a backup and roll-forward to the last good transactionlog backup , you will have recovered the carelessly deleted records, but do you know wath you trow away on modifications afther that restored backup? Only if you're the only user you can be sure.

So I think my suggestion was also worthwile (even when I won't get any points out of it)
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