is 871W like a wireless pix?

Does somebody know what wireless cisco products will do the same kind of security features as the pix series (like the 515E)?  Is the 871W one of these?
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markmeulemansConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Currently, cisco does not offer a wireless ASA (this replaced the PIX).  The biggest difference is that the ASA doesn't use IOS, and has a lot more security features than what's supported on the 871W.  If you're using an 871 though, I'm sure that will be more than enough for you.  If you really want something along the lines of a PIX, an ASA5505 would probably be you next best choice.  I do believe Cisco is working on a wireless version of the 5505, but when that will be released, I have no idea.
harbor235Connect With a Mentor Commented:

The 871 is an integrated services router for small to medium size businesses. The 871 offers
firewall, VPNs, and wireless LANs, at broadband speeds. It is not the PIX but does offer firewall features.

does thast answer your question?

harbor235 ;}
elmertAuthor Commented:
Thank you they were both very helpful answers
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