Flash Media Server 2 Install & Stream FLV Files

First: I installed FMS 2 onto my IIS web server. I selected all the default settings. When I rebooted all my websites stopped, and they would not restart. Later I found the problem, it was because FMS was using port 80, and not letting IIS to run. I had to stop the FMS service, so my IIS could start.

What went wrong?

If ever get the above fixed, how can I stream FLV files.

Please Help.

Server :
Flash media Server 2.0
Windows 2003 Server Web Edition OS IIS
Cold Fusion 8 running
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First you need to understand that flash media server is not installed onto IIS, it is a totally independent server (flash media SERVER). It listens on some port for the requests of a net connection in flash/flex. You can reinstall it and choose advanced install during instalation and then you set the port you want it to listen (choose a port like 8082) so it will not conflict with IIS. Do this then we go on to streaming after you get it working
smith31333Author Commented:
Can the server be a domain server?
sorry , did not understand your question, can you rephrase it?
Thin of the software, a server is a program that listens for requests of some kind on some port. You can have some servers running on same machine, like web server (e.g apache, iis), application server (php, asp), media server (windows media server, flash media server), database server (mysql, sql server). Each of those programs can reside in same machine listening to different ports and requests, or they can be in different machines too.
Phisically the server is a computer.

In your case you are trying to install the server software into your own computer, which will act like a local server for you to test and develop media server applications.


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