ActiveX Control error Registering


i was given 2 ActiveX Controls , which can interface with SAP. They are the wdtfuncs.ocx and wdtlogs.ocx. But when i tried to regsvr32 "C:\temp\wdtfuncs.ocx" and wdtlogs.ocx. An error "load library("C:\temp\wdtfuncs.ocx") the specific module cannot be found.

I need to use these controls in my application. i googled and found that i need to use the aximp tool to general wrappers if i want to use it in i did and i was returned this error : "aximp error : ActiveX control is not properly registered. wdtfuncs.ocx cannot be found".

Can anyone provide with some solutions to this?

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Éric MoreauConnect With a Mentor Senior .Net ConsultantCommented:
They may be dependant on other OCX/DLLs. They surely have an installer.
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