Screen Capture using Flash / ASP.NET or Active X

Hi Experts,

I have a flash drawing application that needs the result screen to be captured ( like Print Screen ) and stored as JPG on the website.

I have designed this application using Flash and am looking to using ASP.NET or ActiveX to capture the screen and need this to be done for a website. I have some solutions that work offline but do not work online for websites.

Any help is appreciated.

Many Thanks

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julianopolitoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you could take a look at this code here

and adjust as needed. For this to be done in flash 8 is not trivial, usually one has to iterate through every pixel using BitmapData.getPixel and convert that into array, send array to php, iterate again over the pixels from flash, put together into image.

here you can find some other code also:

You should do the following:

- Use BitmapData class to capture the drawing in flash. For example let's say your appp draws into a movieclip called draw_mc, then you do
var bd:BitmapData = new BitmapData();
-Then you download the JPGEncoder class from adobe This class allow you to encode your bitmapdata into a bytearray jpeg.
-Encode the bytearray into Basê64 string -
-Use URLLoader to send the encoded string to
-Decode base64 in and save the file

if you need example, take a look here:

If you have doubts let me know

dotsandcomsAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your suggestion but JPGEncode class available in ActionScript3.0 and we are working with 2.0.
Can you tell that  is there anything equivalent to JPGEncode in ActionScript 2.0? or Is there any solution  to work with JPGEncoder Class in Action Script 2.0?
Forced accept.

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