Setting a value of a Tcolorbox ...

Hi Experts,

I trying to set a TColorBox with a value i have from the database.

Im using a TColorBox to set flags/reminders, The user selects the color and it gets saved to the database. Example its its 'clLime' the colour that has been selected all im storing is 'Lime'. Or should i store the whole value in the database.

The problem im having its getting the value from the database and setting the value back to the TColourBox


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Dagan HooverDeveloperCommented:
Save it to the data base like so:


Retreive and set like so:

ColorBox1.Selected := TColor(StrToInt(DataBaseReturn));

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I usually store it as a string value. example

mytable.fieldbyname('selcolor').asstring = ColorToString(colorbox.selected) ;

Showing from database
colorbox.selected := StringToColor(mytable.fieldbyname('selcolor').asstring) ;
Sorry ThievingSix, usually do a refresh before posting. Forgot this time...
Pretty much the same answer I guess.
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Dagan HooverDeveloperCommented:
Don't worry about it, he might want to have the colors readable from the database.
My suggustion is save as integer in database.

if you want to display color name then use ColorToString()  function
The problem is that with RGB colors you aren't limited to clLime clRed etc, you can have hex values for any colour. For this reason, store as an integer, not a string, otherwise your database might look like this:

...and now when you convert it back you now have to detect what is a string, and what is a hex value.

So make sure that all the data is of a uniform type.
"...and now when you convert it back you now have to detect what is a string, and what is a hex value."
Not if you use StringToColor, ColorToString; It handles that for you.
I like using string purely because at a quick glance I can see what most colours I have on offer are being used.
Forced accept.

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