MSExchange RPC Over HTTP Autoconfig


I am recieving this error, when I look it up on the Microsoft support site, they recommend that I call MS for support, no further troubleshooting.

I believe someone turned on Outlook Anywhere and then turned it back off and this job is still trying to create hooks in IIS every 15 minutes.  I have a couple admins that are green but this error comes up every 15 mins.  I tried enabling outlook anywhere, and followed all the steps given by Microsoft.  However this error message didn't go away.  I turned it back off and still no difference.  

Any advice would be appreciated.  I would like to turn off whatever function is running that is trying to configure IIS for Outlook Anywhere, subsequently giving this error.

Event Type:      Error
Event Source:      MSExchange RPC Over HTTP Autoconfig
Event Category:      General
Event ID:      2002
Date:            2/10/2008
Time:            6:59:06 PM
User:            N/A
Computer:      MAIL1
An unexpected failure has occurred. The problem will require administrator intervention. The service will retry the operation in 15 minutes. Diagnostic information:

   at Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Metabase.IisUtility.CreateIISDirectoryEntry(String iisDirectoryEntryPath, TaskErrorLoggingDelegate writeError, Object identity)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Metabase.IisUtility.FindWebObject(String parent, String name, String type)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Metabase.IisUtility.FindWebDirObject(String parent, String name)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Servicelets.RPCHTTP.Servicelet.FindIISVDir()
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Servicelets.RPCHTTP.Servicelet.Work()
An error occurred while trying to access IIS (Internet Information Service) metabase. Make sure the Internet Information Service Manager component is installed and configured properly.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

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ebwoodAuthor Commented:
No, as I believe this is a result of someone turning on Outlook Anywhere while IIS was corrupted (which was also a result of this other person's actions).  I had to reinstall IIS, and CAS for OWA and such to operate correctly.  After all of this I am still left with this error message.  The event source is Exchange RPC over HTTP.  This is what leads me to believe it was as a result of turning on Outlook Anywhere.

I have used the scripts from your link previously and am aware of them.
Also re-install the Windows Component>Application Server> "RPC over HTTP Proxy" in add/remove programs
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ebwoodAuthor Commented:
Yes I installed that after turning on the Outlook Anywhere in my troubleshooting trying to get this error to go away.  Since it didn't make any difference, I turned off Outlook Anywhere, and I've not yet uninstalled the "RPC over HTTP" component.
ebwoodAuthor Commented:
I ran this command:

Test-OutlookWebServices -identity administrator | format-list

It returned information about the autoconfiguration service on a remote exchange server 2007 that houses half of the mailboxes.  It didn't show this service on this specific server.  Could that be part of the issue?
ebwoodAuthor Commented:
I meant autodiscover not autoconfiguration
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