background music - need to add to website

I'm trying to add some background music in a website, I want it to start automatically and am having trouble trying to figure out how to have it just play without the following happening:

1) Netscape showing that the page requires additional plugins
2) A "click here to download plugin" message

I need it to begin playing automatically, throughout the entire website (not starting over each time a new page is opened), also I need to know how I can make it just like this and also how to give the user the option of turning the sound off.

If I could have just a "play" and "don't play" buttons on there, something like that, not a huge player that would wreck the design, that would be perfect.

I tried it with an mp3 file, then converted it to a wav file, I'm having the same problem with both.

Can someone please help me out with this? I'm lost :/
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>>without the following happening:
>>1) Netscape showing that the page requires additional plugins
>>2) A "click here to download plugin" message
The browser is NOT a program to play music. Thus it must "request assistance" from some program/component that can do so. The plugin is what will play the music. So, if your browser does not have a plugin to play the music file it will not play the music at all. It prompts you to download the plugin because it does not have a plugin installed. Once the plugin is stalled it will not ask you again.
If are having problem with the syntax, refer to:
Angelz22Author Commented:
It plays ok in IE without asking for this, so I take it this is a browser specific issue? Also, how can I get it to play throughout the site, without it starting over on every page?
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Angelz22Author Commented:
Oh, I forgot to add-there are some sites I've gone to where the music just starts playing, without me being asked to download /install any type of do I do this? And what is best to use, the mp3, the wav, or something else?
>>I take it this is a browser specific issue?
Yes. Plugin must be installed in the browser(s) in question.

>>Also, how can I get it to play throughout the site, without it starting over on every page?
No. Everytime you go from one page to the next, if you have the music embeded, the browser will download the mp3 and begin playing it.

>>without me being asked to download /install any type of plugin
Thats because the browser already has the necessary plugin installed. Without the plugin the music will not play. Some sites play the music via Flash player, but if you don't have flash player plugin installed you will have the same problems. You either download and install the plugin or you don't get the content (music in this case).

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Angelz22Author Commented:
Oh, I see. Well then which would be the best to use, a mp3 file or a .wav file?
Angelz22Author Commented:
Thanks for helping me to understand this! :)
Angelz22Author Commented:
In Netscape all I get is "Click here to download plugin", and when I click there it brings up some thing that says it's searching for it, then says it can't be found :'(
I totally don't have that problem in IE

Any advice...please?
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