Active Directory Installation

I need a clarification
I have three working places in same city and i have to install single domain.
Workplace A - Main DC (windows 2003 Server  with an internet connection)
Workplace B - Additional DC (windows 2000 Server with an internet connection)
Workplace C - Additional DC (windows 2000 Server with an internet  connection)

But i have a doubt, When install the Additional domain controller for an existing DC(workplaceA), The DNS will not installed in the Additional DC(workplace B & C).  In this case, how can i join the clients computers at Workplace B and Workplace C to the domain.
Please clear me any other way to do.
Or any other configuration required.

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Mal OsborneConnect With a Mentor Alpha GeekCommented:
1. Set up a VPN link between servers B, C & A.
2. Install DNS on all 3 servers.
3. DCPROMO servers B & C.
4. Point client PCs to the local server for DNS.
5. run forestprep and schema extend before dcpromo a w2k to join an existing w2k3 DC. otherwise the schema may corrupt.
cvinodhkumarAuthor Commented:
My doubt is, when we install Additional Domain Controller for existing Domain, Will DNS install?.
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for W2K. you need to install DNS by yourself first and create all forward lookup zone as a secondary DNS and point to the w2k3(Primary). For W2K3 promotion. There is an option for install and confiure DNS inside during dcpromo. Good Luck
cvinodhkumarAuthor Commented:
Please check my understandings.

Before installing the Windows 2000 server as additional domain controller in Workplace B and C, I have to install first (DNS- forward lookup zone as secondary), After that the dcpromo should be run to promote the server as Additional Domain Controller.

So after doing these steps, i can join the workstations in Workplace B and C into the domain.

I will check these procedure

Correct. Good Luck
cvinodhkumarAuthor Commented:
To install the secondary DNS  in workplace B and C, Should i setup a VPN link with workplace A? ,  Becuase the Worplace A is 5 Km from Workplace B and C.
Without VPN link, I cannot install the secondary DNS in those places B and C?

And i am going to configure three sites.

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