Force RAID replication after replacing a disk on a RAID-1 Dell PowerEdge 1650

I replaced a damaged harddisc on a PE1650, but the Adaptec RAID controller isn't replicating data across to it.

How do I get the Adaptec controller to recognise the new disc as such, and force it to replicate the data from the remaining RAID disc across to the new disc?
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pheidiusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What exact model controller is it?
egxisAuthor Commented:
The controller is a PowerEdge RAID 3/Di , made by Adaptec by the looks of it.

I assume I have to go into the configuration <CTRL-A>, then
Containers > Manage Containers

My issue is adding the new disc to the current disc to create a new array.
Is it external or internal boot?
Most of Dell servers are booting up with Perc controller for internal disk array. Adaptec is integrated for external connection.
Normally, after replacing the fail disk, your controller should rebuild the array automatically with the new disk. If it does not, you just want to get in perc controller and make sure your new disk is set online.

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