cpu and memory usage grows after Cisco works are installed on Win Srv


I need a little help here.
We have installed the Cisco Works on Windows server 2003 32 bit, and right after Cisco wirks are installed CPU and MEM usage grows very fast, and at the end when mem is full server freezes and it stops responding at all, tha it need a reboot.

Anyone who had the same or similar problem that with solution which can help me ??

Thank you
Best regards
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giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would have to check.  I know at one time Cisco recommended against running all components on the same box.  My guess is that everything running at once needs more than 2 GB of user space virtual memory.  Although Windows can address 4GB of virtual memory, by default this is split 2GB "system" and 2GB "user".  To change this in your boot.ini add a new boot entry by coping your current entry and add "/3GB" to the end.  

You MAY have problems re-booting, if you do, boot using your default and then on the entry with the /3GB add /USERVA=xxxx where xxxx is smaller than 3072, but larger than 2048.  Keep experimenting until you get the largest number that allows your system to boot.

The /3GB says to change the user VM size to 3GB and let the system go to 1GB.  The /USERVA will tell Windows to limite the user VM space to what ever size (in K) you code there.  So if you code /USERVA=3000, that means limit the VM size to 3000K bytes (just under 3GB).

Please note that the VM size has NOTHING to do with the amount of physical memory you have on your computer.  You could have 16GB of RAM and still have problems because of the limitations on how much VM a user task is limited to.
How much physical RAM do you have on the box?

Which processor and what is its speed?

Which version of Cisco Works.  What all packages have you installed?
Shex_Author Commented:
The server have a 4 GB of MEM and CPU iz 3.2 GhZ, so I don`t think that this is a problem.
Wired isn `t ? I have installed full package of the Cisco Works (latest) version.

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Is that the only thing running on this box?  When you say the "full package", what do you mean?  Every single optional component?

     Campus Manager
     Common Services Software
     Device Fault Manager
     Internetwork Performance Monitor
     LAN Management Solution
     Resource Manager Essentials
     LAN Management Solution Extensions
     Health and Utilization Monitor  
     Interface Configuration Manager

Shex_Author Commented:
Yes, everything is installed on that server. What you mean ? should`t install everything on the same server ?

Shex_Author Commented:
thank you for reply !!

I`ll see what i can do in this case...... I understand what you mean.
Maybe I should not install all CW applications at all, but just those we use the most.

thank you again !!
Best regards
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