Not enough rights for file operation while updating virus definitions.

Hi everyone,

Have been getting one error message "Not enough rights for file operation C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Kaspersky Lab/AVP6/Bases/av-i386-0607g.xml" while updating virus definitions.
What could be the issue, need a little help.

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AdamRobinsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I understand.  Have you tried completely halting all Kaspersky services on that computer from the administrative kit and then starting them back up?  I've never had an issue doing this in a production environment.

Are you running the central administration kit?  

On the most recent set of updates, I saw one computer do this.  The solution on our end?  Reboot the computer twice.

I know that's a frustrating solution, but it worked properly after that, and I try not to over-engineer a solution when rebooting works.

If it's a problem on multiple units, try updating the administration kit (if you're using it), including application modules if necessary, and push them back out to the clients.
KASPBoodaiAuthor Commented:
The problem why i dont wanna restart is cause the system is a production server Windows 2003 Standard edition and restarting twice would be my last option. Any other ideas?
KASPBoodaiAuthor Commented:
Nope not tried that before but will try and let you know.
KASPBoodaiAuthor Commented:
Hey thanks a lot, your suggestion worked, i restarted antivirus from Admin kit and the updates were successfully deployed. Thanks once again.
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