reporting services configuration tool windows

I have created my reportserver and reportservertempdb via reporting services configuration tool, its seems work fine but when I launching this tool again, the status of database setup shown "red cross" why?
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Ashok KumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This error occurs when the database version does not match the version of the SSRS installation. This error will occur when you install the SQL Server you components in following order.

   1. Install SQL Server 2005 Database Services.
   2. Install SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2.
   3. Install SQL Server Reporting Services.

Because of this, SQL Server Report Services and Database Services versions are mismatching. Therefore, you need to install SQL Server Service Pack 2 again so that both versions are equal.
Ashok KumarCommented:
Make sure, your database server is running and login account is configured properly.
motioneyeAuthor Commented:
My database server services are running and I use sql login account but every time I open up the reporting services configuration tool, I dont see my default reportserver db and I have to reconnect it again and again, but one thing that I realized is when I click apply, a small windows pop up and ask me to upgrade the reportserver database I click OK again then under the Task status I see the warning msg ( in yellow ).

Verifying database version:
The database version (C.0.8.40) does not match with your reporting services installations. You must upgrade ypur reporting services database and nothing been saved.
Ashok KumarCommented:
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