Multihoming IP Server Setup?

Hello All.

I'm seeking a simple overview/guide on how to set up the services on my Server 2003 under a multihoming environment. I am running a small domain, with the single server and about 20-30 clients (all running XP). The internet connection is provided by an router that is located seperatly from the server. Thus the multihoming would purely be for load balancing.

My first Question: We are running an Enterprise Software, plus an FTP server, and a few other small applications. My supervisor believes it will aid traffic and load by using the multihoming facility of our server....but is it really necessary?

Secondly: We are running Active Directory, DNS, and DHCP. I have turned off WINS after it caused problems in the past.

IP setup:
Server IP #1:
Server IP #2:
Router IP :

What I require is this:
Which services on which ip address? (I'm assuming its not so good to set things up on BOTH)
With the services setup, what should the network settings (ie DNS etc) be on each adapter on the server?


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andyalderHaemorrhoids victimCommented:
What NICs and what switch have you got? It is possible that you can team the NICs if they are the same make. You can certainly use Windows network load balancing service so both cards listen to the same IP address.
ArkdogAuthor Commented:
The server is a Dell Powerdge 860 (, so i'm not sure of the exact NIC type, but I do know they are the same.

Would it be a more effective/efficient move to load balance over 1 IP address?
ArkdogAuthor Commented:
So am i going to have to make this 500 points before someone will look at it?
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ArkdogAuthor Commented:
well might as well close this obviously no-one can be bothered responding.
ArkdogAuthor Commented:
So after much trial and error. I have discovered that the best solution was to simply return on a single IP situation.

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ArkdogAuthor Commented:
Although I do consider clustering & load balancing a partial solution so i will apply an appropriate point portion there.
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