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I've been looking at implementing a set of tabs within a dialog and need advice on whether to use PropertySheet/PropertyPages or CTabCtrl. What is the difference between the two? I can find very few examples of CTabCtrl online (although it is available from the Toolbox). Can anybody point me in the direction of any tutorials on it?

It is important that the set of tabs in the dialog only cover half the right hand side of the dialog i.e. leaving the left hand half of the dialog clear to add controls which won't appear in a tab. Is this possible to do using PropertySheet/PropertyPages? The examples I have seen seem to cover the dialog completely.

Thanks in advance

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alb66Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a good sample.

Anotherone comes with VisualStudio2003:
I don't know if it is always present in VS2005 or if you can download it from the internet.
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