BES Role Administration based on country location


I have a BES based in the UK and would like to assign rights to admins in  Denmark to have full control over there users. All the DK users are clearly visable from the different mail servers.

I've looked at Role administration but don't see a way of giving them a view of only users connected to a particaular mail server. There appears to be just diffrent levels of rights over all the users on the BES.

Also does anyone know if you can run the Blackberry manager on the Desktop as a clients console?

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Gary CutriConnect With a Mentor Data & Communications SpecialistCommented:
I don't believe you will be able to configure role base administration based location.  In order to install Blackberry Manager on a desktop system you just need to run the BES setup file and select "Blackberry manager" from the install options.
carnegieukAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks, it's a shame I can't hide each set of users dependong on which mail server they are connected to :-?
Kurt_BraeckmansConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, that's not possible
 We have the same problem we have here.
So all our site admins see all BB-users
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