How to prevent symantec antivirus client from disabling auto-protect.

I noticed on 08/02/08 that the antivirus client was disabled on our exchange server.
I checked eventviewer and back on 29/01/08 it had this entry:

Event Type:      Warning
Event Source:      Symantec AntiVirus
Event Category:      None
Event ID:      6
Date:            29/01/2008
Time:            07:16:53
User:            N/A
Description:      Auto-Protect Error: Auto-Protect is disabled because registration of the virus databases failed

This happened just 2 seconds after the daily definition update:
"New virus definition file loaded. Version: 100128r."

I could turn auto-protect back on manually, but the worrying part is that our exchange had been running without auto-protect for over a week.

Any ideas why the av client disabled itself and what I can do to prevent this from happening again?

Our exchange server runs on windows 2003 sp1.
Symantec client version, engine
All clients get their definition updates from our primary server running Symantec System Center corporate enterprise edition
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snoopfroggConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You can prevent a client from disabling auto-protect by going to the Symantec System Center, enabling auto-protect for the group that the server belongs to, and locking the setting (toggle the lock icon).  This will enable auto-protect on clients but will present a grayed out "Enable Auto-Protect" if a user opens the Symantec Antivirus client and goes to Configure -> File System Auto-Protect.
dear , first of all i have to ask about the sp1 why don't upgrade to sp2 and i think it will solve to much issues and after that i have toask if have exclusions on the symantec antivirus client of the iis folders and the exchange folder and the database folder beacuse it could be that the scanner engine go scan the information store file when it's writing or changing and goes into a loop because it doesn't understand it and instead of hanging your server it  goes to disable the autoprotect which goes scanning a file for a very long time
mpraagmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much for the advise, I see we have some work to do!
The symantec client does a full system scan, so includes all the exchange and iis folders.
Will look at the sp2 upgrade and the folder exclusions next.
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mpraagmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that's good advice about how to manually configure auto-protect. It still leaves the question what the error message actually means and why it happened, but I will first need to do the service pack and set folder exceptions and hopefully I will never see the error again.
Hi gys I'm Moussa Keita  IT adminstrator from Mali.
I had two laptop with symantec Anti-virus but it are expired. I like to  uninstall symantec anti-virus but  I didn't  because I don't know the uninstall PASSWORD.

Can you help me with uninstall symantec without unsinstall PASSWORD?
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