static IP addresses

can you give me real basic overview of why static ip addresses are used within corporate networks? No links or cut and paste please plain english answer. Is it becuase they host things such as dongles and liscene keys? I dont understand
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Hello pma111,

It is mainly because most companies have webservers, fileservers, citrixservers etc. wich they have to be able to access at anytime 24/7. Then you can't have a server changing IP all of a sudden.

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pma111Author Commented:
so dynamic addresses (are these the usual ones), are they changed quite regularly then, and why so?
pma111Author Commented:
and why do people need access 24/7, is this client request do you mean, excuse my ignorance
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dynamically usually change every time you reboot, i don't know if i can explain it right, but i'll try on why they change regularly:

- A ISP has a range of dynamically IP adresses that they can use for there costumers.
- When you turn on your computer and boot into windows etc., then you get an IP from your ISP, unless you have a static IP.
- But when you restart or close your computer, the IP you had will be released so someone else will be able to use it, and thats why you get a new one every time you restart, and why dynamically IP's change.

Servers are build to run 24/7, thats one reason why it runs all the time.
Servers takes a long time to start up, so it would be waste of time, and manpower to have to start 1 or more servers up every day.
Some people in the company might need access to the server at night or early in the morning, when no one is at the office.
Allso, if the servers run 24/7, then it is possible to troubleshoot errors without being at the office.

Their is alot reasons for this, but is some of the most reasonable.

Hope this can help you, and answer your questions.

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pma111Author Commented:
static, dynamic, are there any other types? thanks for your response, very good
No, not what i have ever heard of :)

I'm glad that you can use the information i've given you.
pma111Author Commented:
oh how can you tell then what your ip address, cos if I use ip config from command prompt and reboot its the same ip address as before, or is this ip address not accurate? prettu sure i wont be a static address
The IP that ipconfig shows, is the IP you have locally in your own network at home. The IP you get from your ISP is the IP you will have when you go on the Internet.

Try and go to, that is the IP you get from your ISP.
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