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We are looking for an email archive solution that maintains the folder structure that users have set up in Outlook.  Most of the archive tools we have seen do the archiving at the server end and so do not store this information.  This means if you have set up folders as a sort of library you will find it difficult to retrieve emails from your archive.

I remember seeing some software which kept  the folder structure and message headers but archived the body and attachments and replaced them with an html link.  Does anyone know of something similar or better.
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Aaron StreetConnect With a Mentor Infrastructure ManagerCommented:
with enterprise vault you get left with the subject and the first line of the body..

as soon as you try to open the email it is pulled back from the server and displayed as the full message with attachment and body in full..

There are many free tools are there for extracting the attachments from emails. Two of those tools you can download free: "Outlook Attachment Extractor" and "Outlook Attachment Remover".
Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
enterprise vault.. this archives the files to a seperat server and creates a link in to the mailbox. this means nothing chages and each link is only a few bytes in size..

but to the user it is no different to the mail being in ther email box..
jules_wakeAuthor Commented:
Thanks - in fact I tried Symantec but their sales team in India were so poor (did not even know what the product was!) but at least their website had a nice Gartner report which had some competitive products including one called C2C which looks interesting.....
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