Remote access using no-ip

Hello experts,

We have a file server within our office and are trying to access it remotely.

I work from home and need to access this file server (which is hooked up through a router and firewall).

The router will only accept connections from known ip addresses so we got ourselves dyndns accounts which worked great for 1 or 2 weeks then stopped working. We then got ourselves no-ip addresses and the same happened with those, they worked until when (we think our ip addresses changed).

We have had words with the network admin and he said the no-ip addresses are matching our ip addresses at home. He also set the router to resolve the hostnames every 4 hours.

Does anyone know if there are any solutions to our problem? is this a regular occurance with resolution of hostnames etc?

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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I haven't seen a VPN solution that allows you to use DNS names for this particular restriction, but it sounds like it works.
However, the router likely does the name resolution (rule processing) at boot or configuration refresh. Therefore it is caching the IP's rather than the DNS name. If that is the case the only option would be a frequent reboot of the VPN server/router, which is not an ideal solution.

Could your Admin set the rule to allow specific public subnets? Chances are when your IP changes it is always within a given subnet. Though this would not be as secure, it blocks +90% of unwanted access.
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