How to connect to exchange mmc snap in from another computer/server ?

Hi folks!

Question: Beacause of an error can't RDP to a mailserver. Is there a way to connect to the exchange MMC from another server? I know the shell should be accisible, but i really need the mmc snap in.
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DarylxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Install the Exchange System Manager from the Exchange CD.  Then you can connect to the exchange server with it.
PeteJThomasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This should also add the Exchange tabs into AD U&C on the computer you install it on, which is also very useful...
JSRhelpdeskAuthor Commented:

There we can find the needed software without using the cd, thanks for giving me the right direction!
You didn't need to give me any points for that, I was just adding a little 'sidenote'! But thanks anyway... :)
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