changing name of Leopard shared public folder

I am networking a mac and a PC.  I have a run into a problem where the folder structure on the Mac is creating a pathname that is too long for the PC to handle (essentially, I am syncing thousands of files between the two computers, and some of the files are buried 8-10 levels deep in subfolders).  The primary reason I am having such a problem with long pathnames is that the public folder on my mac shows up on XP as \\macbook\joe smith's public folder\documents\. . . .

I want to know if there is a way to change the way in which the public folder is displayed in the path field, ie. to go from "joe smith's public folder" to something more simple like "public" or, even better, "documents."

FYI I thought about creating a folder in the Sharing/File Sharing window of System Preferences on the Mac and simply calling it "documents."  However, when I do this, I can't get my PC computer to be able to see this supposedly shared folder.  I did a quick search on EE and it looks like OS X, despite what it claims, will not let you create a folder outside of the Public folder that can be seen and written to by PCs, which is why I had to place a Documents folder inside the Public folder.  But then I run into the problem of the long path/file name.
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Actually you can share ANY folder and Windows machine should see it. If not through Network Places then through Start -> Run -> \\Mac\Share.

Maybe the Firewall settings under Security in System Preferences doesn't allow you to share?
myepiphanyAuthor Commented:
That's what I though but apparently this is not true in Leopard.  See the following thread on this website:

According to that thread, Leopard won't let you share folders on the home folder such that you can access the folder from a PC.  That is why I am trying to change the way the shared public folder appears in m PC.  The easier solution is to simply create a shared folder in the home folder with a shorter name, but Leopard supposedly won't let me do this.
Apparently... But not true completely. I made an experiment a minute ago and the result was a successfully shared Movies folder. No, it did not show up in Network Places but yes, I could access it from a Vista PC: I could Map Network Drive under Computer, type path like \\Macbook\Movies, click on "different user" and type in my Mac's username preceded by Mac's network name (like Macbook\User) and my password. And - voila - there it was, mapped as drive Z:. I don't have any special network protocols or settings set up, just a simple IP network.

Give it a try!

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