Windows Server R2 DFS Full Mesh Replication & Profile & Folder Redirection

Hello,  Has anyone Successfully implemented DFS Roaming Profile & Folder Replication with initial 20GB+ between 10 Sites?

We also had problems with the Full Mesh Replication.  We want to replicate without having the Primary Member initial Replication wipe out The Other Folders at each site, so they can 'Mesh' Together, instead of using one site to have the initial Replication?  Is there a way to do this?  I think we could wait until the First Replication went thru, then add Folders at each site, so they don't get overwritten.  We have only one Domain with 10 sites.

Is there any issue with Disk Space on the OS Drive with DFS NameSpace Pointers?

We also only have half our sites on R2, so we are going to have to add the other Half afterwards.   Is this a potential problem, or should this work with out a hitch?

Hope this makes sense, and Thank You for any Answers.
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Look at this previously answered question here, it should be of help to you.

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just to add - you will be capped at the lowest functionality for DFS if you arent using all R2....DFS was a huge improvement with the R2 release and i would personally be fairly hesitant to push it too far with the older versions, roaming profiles and folder redirection will be fine
Too True... Jay Jay is correct there for sure. If you have not, Think real hard about making sure all DFS partners are R2.
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