I Need a Way to Automatically Backup My Clients Websites (code and image captures)

For A while I've been seraching for a way automate the following:

1) On a monthly basis, I need to have all files associated with  my clients website's saved, zipped and archived. The files reside on various hosting accounts of which i have ftp access.

2) On a monthly basis, I need to have screen captures of each page of mu client's sites zipped and archived.

I've been doing this manually for a while and I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to automate this...I have WS_FPT pro and a screen capture program right now..

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jab8675309Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Open WS-FTP Help
"command line"
read All topics on command line and scripts.

WS-FtP will do what you want
jab8675309Author Commented:
Thanks Glenn,

But i was Actually looking for more of an existing web service or middleware of some sort to handle it...
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