ARCserve's job log time stamp is 150 days out of sync...

I have checked the time on my NetWare server and also ensured all of our server's are synced to that time.  The time is accurate.  However, all time stamps in our ArcServe job logs are off by about 150 days (150 days, 1 hour, and 30 minutes)

For instance:  The Activity log reports that a particular job started Feb. 8th at 8 pm.  When you look at the job log for that particular job, the time stamp says, September 11, 18:30.

Why is this happening? Where does the job log get its time stamp information?  Thank you!
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jaywdetroitAuthor Commented:
I discovered the answer to my own question.  There were old log files not registered with the database in the log directory.  They were named the same as the new logs being "created".  ArcServer was appending to the logs that were already there.  

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