Is there a quick way to restore multiple databases?

My MS SQL 2005 database server is currently running 94 different databases.
The db's are backed up nightly as full db backups.

Here's my issue...
I have a new server - is there a quick way of restoring all 94 databases and logins on this new server?
I cannot take my existing server offline (its not an option) so is it a ase of manually restoring each db and then fixing the Orphaned users as I find them?

Are there any 3rd party tools out there that will do this?


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Red Gates SQL BAckup may be able to help you.  Also, there are probably some tools out there that will make a copy of your server and restore it at another place.

you rbest bet would be to configure the new server as a mirror and allow the first server to synchronise with teh secodn, whilst it might take a littl ebit of time to set up will ensure you get teh most accurate copy with the least downtime. shoudl only require one reboot,289483,sid87_gci1199004,00.html

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CA Wansync has a pretty nifty tool for this kind of thing. Quite pricey for a migtration - but they used to have an evaluation option. I've not used it for SQL Server but it's excellent with Exchange - as far as I'm aware it does the same thing with SQL Server. Otherwise SQL replication to a mirror server is a more difficult but cheap way to go.

Are you sure that 94 databases on one server is the best option? Sounds like an awful lot of eggs in one basket to me! I've had issues where one application decides to run a query which creates a deadlock but then locks the whole server. If you can, segregate your DB's or apps onto different instances and/or servers.

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