How I do I use Veritas Backup Exec to reliably backup my 2003 Active Directory/ Cluster environment

We have two HP DL servers running Windows 2003 Enterprise R1 in a cluster.
We also have two HP DL Servers running our 2003 Active Directory, DNS and DHCP.

We currently backup all four servers in their entirity using Veritas Backup Exec 10D.

In terms of ease of recovery, I cannot seem to find reliable, detailed info on how best to backup my environment. I have the upgrade to Backup Exec 11D (with the free upgrade to 12D when it is released soon) and the AD option and the Intelligent Disaster Recovery Option, but could do with any tips/ links/ help in getting a reliable backups that will actually workmin the event of a disaster.

Anyone had experience of using Backup Exec 10D/ 11D to reliably backup their AD/ Cluster environments that could share their knowledge to help me out?
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Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
As long as you aren't getting errors backing  up the system state, you are getting reliable AD backups.
The aditional options you are referring to are just different ways of backing up/restoring the same thing.  The AD backup is "AD ONLY", basically you can restore AD without restoring the entire system state...  somewhat pointless in my opinion, but it may come in handy in special circumstances.  It's basically "brick level" AD backup...for restoring single users or groups etc.

Point long as you get a reliable system state backup without error, you have reliable AD backup for a complete restore.
I dont have a clustered environment but the difference for backup is nil.
I have 11d and have been running it for about 6 months with not a whole lot of issues.
I think it does a good job for backup.  Now you said you have AD, DNS, DHCP do you also run email on your cluster?
My strategy for backup is to back my stuff up to disk (B2D)
I create a folder for every day of the week then have 7 jobs for each day.  I have had to recover my DNS database and it worked like a charm.
I also run an 8th job that backs up to tape in for offsite storage.
Any other specifics you're looking for?
hqpsystemsAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for the input. Is there any decent links on how best to restore AD/ DNS etc using Veritas, as I find the online documentation for Veritas to be a bit limited unless I'm looking in the wrong location.

Here is the guide.  Creating a restore job/restoring a server is cake walk.  Personally I would use a dual solution.
I use Acronis to image my servers so if something fails I can image back to that point in time then restore the data to current using backup exec.
Restoring DNS or AD is very easy with backup exec there is a simple option when you create a restore job it basically asks what do you want to restore then you go to system state then DNS and click the check box and boom your done.
I had to use it once with DNS, I accidentally deleting my DNS zone, I did a quick restore, took 5 minutes and away I went.

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