How to link cells within a word table

I am creating a report in Word. This report is linked to a database and data is written to cells in the table automatically.
However some of the cells within the table will need to be manually filled by the user. These cells appear in several places within the report and I want the user to only have to type it once and for it to be filled in automatically in the other cells.
How can this be done, linking cells together in a Word table? I know it could be done easily enough in Excel but I need to use Word for this report.
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GrahamSkanConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
You would have to update fields or run some VBA. Whichever method is chosen, the problem comes in initiating the action. It might be acceptable to delay the update until printing, when it is done automatically (if the option is set).
Otherwise the only way to trigger field updating without the user doing something special is to use FormFields, and have 'Calculate on exit' ticked in the Properties. This of course means that at least part of the document must be protected and that brings some major limitations (e.g. no spell checking), which might be unacceptable.

If you are able to consider using VBA, then perhaps a UserForm could be used to gather the information, before loading it down to the document. You could then either have each display location bookmarked and load the data with VBA, or you could still use the Ref fields and update the fields programatically (ActiveDocument.Fields.Update)
If the first occurence is bookmarked, repeat displays can be done with Ref fields which point to the bookmark. Update the fields in the document so:  use  Ctrl+A  to select the whole document and then F9 to update all fields in the selection.
cah00tsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response. But I don't want the users to have to Ctrl A and then F9, as they wouldn't be able to find F9. Is there any other way whereby the fields would be filled automatically and any chnges to the fields would update automatically?
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