Lotus Script has erros

I'm trying to TAPI enable Lotus Notes and found a Lotus Script written by Ulrich Krause which supposedly will TAPI enable Lotus Notes. I ran the script and Notes found errors. Would appreciate help in resolving the errors.
Script attached.
Thank you,

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
We can do very little when you don't tell us the errors you get. What's wrong? In many cases, if you rip software out of context, it won't work.

What do you want to accomplish??

By the way: instead of providing an attachment I'd prefer a link. Or a code snippet.
Remi GelinasDeveloppeurCommented:
I looked at your script, without the error it's hard to say whats wrong. But i will make a guess. The first line of the code is :

Declare Sub tapiRequestMakeCall Lib "TAPI32" (Byval lpszDestAddress$,Byval
lpszAppName$, Byval lpszCalledParty$, Byval lpszComment$)

Are you sure you registered the tapi32.dll in your environment? If you registered it on your local computer and are running the code on the server, you need to register the DLL on the server too.

Please post more information
OOsorioAuthor Commented:
Some of the lines in the script had been rolled over to the next line. When I placed them as one line the script worked fine.

Thank you,


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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Or use an underscore as a continuation character.

You could ask for a refund, now you solved your own problem.
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