How to set up multiple jobs with Brightstor

I am running a backup up with Brightstor that does a full backup once a week and differential backups. I would like to add a second job that will backup a few servers on a monthly basis.  What is the best way to do this? Will I need more than one media pool?
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dovidmichelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
With Custom you can use either Weeks of Month to pick a specific week as in 1st, 2nd.. of the month and the day of the week for the job to run on, or you can pick to have it run on a specific day each month, or custom where the rotation is totally open.

Now as for tapes there also you have a number of options. First off yes you can use a pool but it just seems as over kill for such a simple job. You can set it up to have its own group to pull tapes from or it can share the same group as your other job. With custom you can supply a tape name and then configure the job to backup to only that tape or a blank tape. That way even if it does share a group it will not use a tape from the other job. Using a 2nd group just for this monthly job will add a layer of protection against one job using tapes from the other.

When using a Custom job the Backup Media options under the Global Options apply, on the other hand when using a Rotation job the media options are dictated by the job and settings under Backup Media options are ignored.
Setup a Custom job and don't bother with a media pool.
valiconAuthor Commented:
So set up a custom job to do a full backup monthly and that's it?  How will it know what tapes it should use?
valiconAuthor Commented:
I will give it a go. As always thanks again! :)
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