How do you share a datastore so other ESX servers can see it?

I created a LUN on a SAN.  I created  a datastore on the ESX server.  How do I get that datastore to be seen by other ESX servers so I can Vmotion?
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Cevans1aConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Virtual Center is required to configure VMotion.  

You could still rescan the bus on the storage adapter of the second ESX host to see the lun.  Then you could cold migrate the guest OS.  Cold migration is shutting the guest down, and then bringing it up on the other ESX host.  You browse the datastore and right click on the .vmx file and select add to inventory.
If you are running virtual center and both ESX severs are managed by it once you add the storage on one host the others that have permission to see the lun on the san should see it.  You could try rescaning the storage adapters on the host that can not see the storage.  Make sure the scan for VMFS volumes is checked.
TriCountyITAuthor Commented:
We are not running virtual center.  Do you have to?
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