VLAN Configuration on 3Com 3870

Planning to move away from current flat topology with /24 scheme (we're running out of IPs) to subnetted /22.  Using the 3com 3870 as core switch/router.  The goal is to have 4 /24 subnets: /24 = VLAN 10-Servers /24 = VLAN 20-Finance /24 = VLAN 30-Development /24 = VLAN 40-Administration
Using one DHCP server in VLAN 10 with routing between VLAN 10 and all others but no routing between VLANs 20 thru 40.
Given the above, how would I control the VLAN routing and how would I ensure that each subnet PC get's its proper IP info from DHCP?
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I'm afraid I'm not sure how you could configure that routing with just the one router offhand, but I'm fairly certain the 3com 3870 can act as DHCP relay server for you, for each one of your subnets.

Your DHCP server on the vlan 10 will need scopes setup for each subnet.  Your router will relay the DHCP requests back to your DHCP server, which will give out addresses from the appropriate scopes based on whichever interface the request came in on; in this case that will come from the router relaying the request.

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