How can I provide limited administrator rights to a developer?

I'm sole administrator for a small Windows-based LAN (about 20 users).  We have a legacy DOS database and a developer who's responsible for customizing the interface and maintaining the data/tables.  He regularly works at night, and, in order to roll-out new code, he first needs all database files closed.  He's asking for the ability to forceably disconnect users who are logged-in with database files open.  What the easiest/best way I can modify his account so that he would have only that option and not full administrator rights?

Or is there another tool that might better fit this situation?
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ckimball99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
My suggestion would be to create a copy of the database in a separate space, and have develop against that during the week.  If he is the only developing against it, only give him access to this development platform.  That will prevent him from disrupting working users, and will still allow him to get his work done.

Have scheduled outages once a week, or so, and coordinate with him to migrate his changes from the development platform to the production platform.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
i think it should work if you assign that user full-control access (NTFS) to that particular folder shared for database access. the user does not need to be an administrator.

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