Create a menu that slowly appears without flash

I wish to have a menu bar that sits in an exact position in on the screen, somewhere near the bottom.  On hover I wish for a layer to SLOWLY appear (this is the key) in an exact position on the page.  This layer will contain links etc.
This is often done in Flash, but I would like to stay away from flash and do this via HTML and JavaScript if possible.  Any ideas?
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with help of css it possible, exploit the opacity property and add to timer(using javascript) to increase it.

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wobbledAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply - I'll have a play with this tonight and see if I can get something working.  

If you have any examples of using a timer to change a colour that would be helpfull

well for color i have write some code, but here is a example of window closing after 5 seconds

function winClose() {

myWindow ="", "tinyWindow", 'width=150, height=110')
myWindow.document.write("This window will close automatically after five seconds. Thanks for your patience")
self.setTimeout('winClose()', 5000)
wobbledAuthor Commented:
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction - I have something pretty much doing what I wanted now
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