Users show in GAL on OWA but not in Outlook 2007

Ok, I have tried a million and one things to resolve this and I am out of things to try.  Here is the situation.

We are running Exchange 2007 SP1 with about 35 users.  This was a fresh install with no upgrading etc.  When using outlook and searching the GAL, all the users are there except one.  Her name is liz.  Ok, so when you logon to OWA, her name shows in the GAL.  If you use Outlook 2007 and search the GAL, her name is not to be found.

Now, if I take Cached mode off (which is not what we want in the long run since there are about 10 mobile users), she shows up.  She also shows in the "All" contact list with no problems.  As soon as you put cached mode back on, she dissappears.

I have force updated the GAL on the server and have "downloaded" the GAL in outlook using send recieve.  No luck.

I have run a few commands in Exchange Management Shell that I forget which they were. No dice.  If I find them I will post them.

Anyway, this user has been in the system for a few months so it's not a "waiting 24 hours for the GAL to update" issue.  However, I did read a few articles that say, in short, that if you create a user, the email addresses in ADUC and Exchange have to match.  She does have 2 email addresses.  liz and elizabeth.  When I created the user, I created her as elizabeth and gave her an extra email address of liz.  I have tried changing it back to default of elizabeth with no luck.

I hope this make sense and look forward to any solutions that are possible!
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We have the same problem but its always corrected if you go in outlook send receive expand it and click send receive All and then download address book.
cat5netAuthor Commented:
"...and have "downloaded" the GAL in outlook using send recieve.  No luck."

I have tried this and have not had any luck in doing so.  Anything else you did to get it going?
The GAL isn't your problem - It's the OAL. It seems that it's not getting updated by the GAL for some reason. I have come across this problem before, so let me see if I can look up some info for you.

It's simply a case of forcing the OAL to update (or trying to find out why it can't!). I'll get back to you soon...

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Oh and 1 thing to try asap would be to force a rebuild of the OAL in Exchange System Manager... Do this first, wait a while, then try manually downloading the address book as suggested in the first post again... Let me know if that changes anything whilst I continue searching!
I too have this EXACT problem! But it's only one user. Can see it in OWA, but not in Outlook GAL. Weird...

Any news or solution???
Generally speaking, the reason for this kind of problem is that OWA using the Global Address List, whereas Outlook itself (but only when in cached mode) uses the Offline Address List, which is a cached version of the GAL.

Sometimes Exchange has problems updating the OAL with new content from the GAL. To prove if this is the case, go to the PC your problem user works on (basically the PC which seems to NOT have the up to date addresses, so it may be your own PC?), and check if Outlook is running in Cached Exchange Mode - If it is, turn cached Exchange Mode off and see if you have the same problem.

If you're not sure how to do this, instructions are below -

Close Outlook.
From the Start Menu, go into Control Panel (possibly under 'Settings').
Double click the 'Mail' icon.
Select Email Accounts, then View or Change Existing Accounts.
Select your Exchange account and click Change.
You should then see the tick box for Cached Exchange Mode.

Bare in mind that if using a laptop this should really remain ticked (in the long run), but for the purposes of the test it's best to remove the tick, OK everything, then restart Outlook and see if the missing email address has appeared. If it has, switch cached mode back on, try again (it will probably still not work) then post whatever results here... :)
cat5netAuthor Commented:
This was solved awhile ago, sorry for the delay in a response.

I did uncheck/check the Cached Exchange as I stated in the first post and that didn't seem to help (like it normally does).  What I ended up doing was rebuilding the OAB in Exchange then force the OAL rebuild and it seemed to work.  Thanks for your help!
cat5netAuthor Commented:
If you look it up, Microsoft has pleanty of whitepapers on how to rebuild both OAB and OAL.  Thanks for getting me on the right track!

We are having the same issues that the OP is having.  Not sure where the OP's issue stands, but I followed your instructions from your last post, and by turning off the "cached" mode, the user now shows up in the GAL.  I think if the OP would have come back and stated the same, you had additional instructions for him?  Is there anyway you can post those additional instructions?  

My issue is the user we created is not showing up in the GAL, but does show up in the All Users Folder in Outlook 2007.  In OWA the user has always shown up, only seems to be an issue with Outlook.

I hope this post isn't hijacking hte OP's thread, just thought this issue is pretty similar and further instructions byond Peter's last post would be nice to see.


Exactly i have same Problem . when i leave check cache it Appear but when i checked it again one user hide from Address List ..

Can you help me who can i fix it ?
i have the same question when our company updated the mail system from exchange 2007 to exchange 2010.It seems that some user who uses outlook 2010 could get the right oab,but the other user who users outlook 2007. can somebody help me ?
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