Mac OS X Leopard and Printing on an Active Directory Domain

I've recently bought a Mac with OS X Leopard on for one of the designers in our office. Our network is entirely Windows based and i don't have a great deal of experience with Mac's.

After managing to get it to use AD logins and getting Entourage to work, i've installed the latest Adobe CS suite.

I came to add printers from the domain and used the options in the system preferences to connect to a HP Laserjet 5550 HDN printer and it provided me with a driver. When printing through PhotoShop, it fails to take into account i've asked to print in A4 (the printer asks me to insert letter or select another tray) and crops everything (almost like Office does with borders)

Can anyone tell me if i'm going about the wrong way of installing printers?
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PeterisMacConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, this sometimes happens in multi-platform environments. I suppose that A4 is set in Print & Fax pane under System Preferences?

I have a similar problem while printing from other applications, including Word, Pages, etc. Sometimes pages are even rotated from Landscape to Portrait. I am still looking for a solution to this but until then I tend to print to PDF. Strangely enough, both, Preview and Acrobat, print fine, without cropping and rotations.
EncamsAuthor Commented:
Yes it's set to A4 and explicitly told to use Tray 2 which is A4 and it still asks me to insert letter into Tray 1 on the printer
this says you have correct driver installed or not make sure you use this not the postscript or ppd drivers.
EncamsAuthor Commented:
Not been able to solve. Can we please close
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